Week 15

Day 93

Exercise: Bike/Run

Time: 1 hour/30 minutes

Distance: 15 miles/6 miles

This brick workout is slowly becoming my favorite. It's hard for sure, but I always feel really good after I've finished. The weather today only made it better.

Day 94

Exercise: Swim

Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Distance: water

I have a new pair of googles and you guys should know that I. Look. Goooood *cool sunglass emoji* I also got a pair of triathlon shorts, so I was a completely new man in the pool today. I practically flew across the water the whole time I was swimming. Not gonna lie, I saw the old ladies doing water aerobics in the lane next to me look over once or twice, so yeah, I still got it *wink emoji*

Day 95


Day 96

Exercise: Swim

Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Distance: water

Band-aid in the pool. I have nothing else to say.

Day 97

Exercise: Strength Training

Time: 1 hour

Here's the story: I haven't done a real workout (with weights and such) since I was in high school, and truthfully, my last workout was a memorable one. The reason I remember it is because that was the day where I dropped the bench press bar on my face and shattered my two front teeth. 

Now, you may be asking, "How exactly does one drop the bar on their face?" Great question. The answer is twofold. Bad spotting and sweaty hands. A deadly combination. I'm not going to go into details about how traumatizing that day was for me (or the next day at school with jagged teeth for that matter), but let's just say I've avoided weight rooms ever since.

Today, I exercised with the weights for the first time since high school (which was like a million years ago), and several things happened. One, I didn't do any bench press because I'm not insane and I like my face how it is. Two, my arms are in terrible pain as I type this. Turns out, if you don't exercise certain muscles for a long period of time, they get really sore after you exercise them again. Who knew?

Anyway, I'm trying to add some strength training to my regular exercises because I think they will a.) improve my performance on race day and b.) provide a break from my routine. Both great things. However, we'll see if I ever bench press again. Probably won't. 

Day 98

Exercise: Bike

Time: 2 hours

Distance: 30 miles

Today was a good ride. Beautiful day, but man, I'm still feeling my workout from yesterday. Woof. My arms hurt (good thing biking focuses on your legs).

Day 99


I was supposed to run today, but I've never been so sore in my life. It just wasn't going to happen. Between the strength training and the bike ride, I had nothing left in the tank. Anyway, tomorrow is day 100, so that's pretty festive. I honestly didn't think I would make it this far, so cheers!