Letter XII

Dear Slugmulch,

I would like to commend you and your comrades for the work you've done this political season. The anxiety and unrest surrounding the American nation is nearly unprecedented, and while I will continue to take full credit for your training and the fruit it bears, you should know Our Father has enjoyed the show you have put on. But let's not get lax.

With politics, it may at first seem like you can only really hurt half the people; however, if a majority of the people put their hopes in a political savior, the results of any election are a victory for us. From this perspective, I would say we won in a landslide, but our work here is not done. No, we may have succeeded in dividing the American people, but it is our responsibility to continually widen every gap. Rich and poor, white and black, immigrants and native-born, those in cities and those in rural areas. They must all be pulled apart. It's our job, nay our pleasure, to separate the ingredients that once made up the melting pot of America. In doing so, we can take over a nation that already has one foot in our door.

Our Father has done excellent work to prepare America for demise, and it's this work we continue to build upon. From the founding of the nation, the notion of absolute truth has been all but forgotten and this has been our greatest advantage. In the name of freedom, we have tricked them to hold to contradicting beliefs without ever actually contradicting each other. As long as we convince them that truth is relative, they will never be able to truly unite. 

But let's not linger on the big picture. For now, let's focus on your main responsibility: your patient. He must first be encouraged to keep his beliefs, political or otherwise, to himself. We benefit from the idea that politics and religion are taboo in his society. Do not let him transcend this notion. As long as he goes through life focused on trying to avoid stepping on toes or hurting feelings, he is of no threat to us. Encourage him to think his opinions are best kept to himself. No reason to be contradictory. What does he know anyway? He's so young. Who would listen to a mere boy such as him? What does he know that those smarter than him don't? These are the thoughts that will keep him in your pocket and make him useless to the enemy.

As I look at your patient, I see he has beliefs and convictions. This is fine. Let him have his truth, but do not let him share it. As long as your patient doesn't think his beliefs are worth sharing, then those beliefs are of no threat to us. To limit the sharing of threatening beliefs I would advise you to create for him what is popularly being referred to as an echo-chamber. Surround him with those who will do nothing but affirm his viewpoint without giving second thought to its credibility. Let his relative truth bounce around between him and his like-minded peers, but let them keep to themselves. Do everything you can to steer your patient towards isolation and away from those with antagonistic viewpoints. If he begins to fraternize with those who do not share his beliefs, he may attempt to share his own beliefs or possibly learn from others and we simply cannot allow either of those outcomes. Remember, empathy is the enemy. It is the bridge between the gaps we are trying to widen, so do not let it be built.

Nevertheless, if your patient does somehow become privy to beliefs which contradict his own, do not despair. This is where the ideals of America work in our favor. If he sees someone who holds a belief he does not share, tell him that their belief is simply true for them and false for him. Lead him to believe that what's true for him may not be true for his neighbor and that this is perfectly acceptable: "What's true for you is true for me and that's alright for the both of us." Americans like to pretend they are welcoming of all beliefs, but this is nothing more than a mask. They smile cordially at those opposed to them while contemplating how to destroy anything that might place them in the wrong. You want your patient to externally embrace tolerance but internally loathe anyone who does not share his beliefs. This is our America: a faux-tolerant nation where right and wrong are ambiguous and where the people have no truth to stand on and every lie to fall for. 

The irony of this nation is that the people are so concerned with living in harmony that they fail to fight for any truth whatsoever, and in doing so, they sow nothing but discord. Then, they are shocked when no one can get along! It's quite brilliant really and it all stems from what Our Father realized long ago: if humans believe truth is relative, they will be incapable of recognizing any truth at all. And this, my young one, is the environment where the enemy's words are worthless and where the Father of Lies does his best work. Ahh, G** Bless America, right? How silly of them to sing a song dedicated to a being they so readily ignore while living in a manner the enemy so obviously abhors. 

I would apologize for writing for so long, but I have no remorse. The state of affairs in your patient's nation is worthy of our celebration, and even I will admit to having a hard time containing my glee. Isn't disarray delightful?

Ecstatically yours,