Letter IX

Dear Slugmulch,

I've been silently monitoring your patient and am appalled at your lack of creative temptation and the altogether apathetic approach you seem to think will successfully seduce him. For that reason, I think it best to remind you of our ultimate goal and why the work of individual demons like you and I is important. You see, Our Father is not as simple as the humans think he is, and I would hate for you to share their elementary viewpoint of him and in doing so fall for the very trap we ourselves have set. Our Father is more crafty than any other creature, and while he is certainly mad, his madness is not without method. I must impress upon you his method and his purpose before we go any further.

You have to understand that the throne of heaven belongs to Our Father. The enemy relinquished his right to sit there when he created the humans. No perfect creator would create something so flawed as humanity, and Our Father was the only one in the heavenly host who recognized this truth. However, when he presented his explanation for why the humans should be destroyed, he was banished to where we dwell now. Let me assure you, hell was not always like it is now. In the beginning times, Our Father's fury fueled the furnace below us, yet the repeated failures and frustrations of our campaign have brought about a decrease in temperature. So yes, bringing souls to stoke the fire in hell is one of our goals, but it is not our primary purpose. 

The enemy claims that he is able to offer redemption to the wretched souls of humanity. We believe that the only reason our enemy is willing to make such a claim is because he does not realize the full depths of the depravity of the entire human race. If he knew how naturally wicked they were, he would abandon them to their own devices (and oh how we wish he would). However, he is still under the impression that the miserable beasts are capable of being saved, and the fact that our enemy desires so strongly to bring them into his presence only shows the disrespect he has for his own stature. Our Father was the only one who at first saw the folly in bothering with a creature as foolish as man. If he had been granted equal status with our enemy, this whole war may have been avoided and we could have destroyed this world once and for all. However, our enemy has a weakness for the weak, and still believes they are worth “saving.”

Let me assure you, they are not worthy of being saved, or for that matter acknowledged. The only reason we do what we do is so that we can show the enemy the true character of his own creation. We do not understand what he sees in them, yet for that reason we work to show him the true and evil nature of each and every human. I cannot emphasize how strongly we have worked to make the enemy give up on them, yet to no avail. One day, Satan willing, we may be able to open the enemy’s eyes to the hopelessness of his creation, and then he might finally give up his altogether foolish plan of keeping them for himself. Since the garden, we have tried to ruin his creation, and we have come close on more than one occasion. We had our best chances with Job and when the son was in the wilderness, yet in both cases we fell short. We must fall short no more!

Do not mistakingly read my telling of the history of The War and hear the sound of sympathy in my voice. I have no positive regards for our enemy and think him overly optimistic and foolish. In truth, I will never understand the purpose of creating something that needs to be saved by its own creator, and I can only say that Our Father would have been a much better god. We are at the point now where I am unsure if the enemy will give up on his creation, and I fear he has become irrevocably attached to them. Nevertheless, we must continue our work. Strive to enlarge and expose the worst part of every human you are responsible for. The enemy may still quit on them, but if he continues to forgive their faults, then we must increase our numbers. Every soul that is destroyed is another one added to our ranks. Keep fighting. We may yet have what we need to win the war and seat ourselves in the heavenly thrones we truly deserve.

Yours in fire and in fortitude,