Letter I

Dear Slugmulch,

I am writing to you as your new mentor. As you are most certainly aware, Our Lord Below has certified a program created by the Ministry of Manipulation to have senior demons, like myself, assist novices tempters, like yourself, in the treatment of their human patients. I was originally trained in the art of temptation by my uncle (although he was consistently unhelpful, and indeed caused the loss of my first patient to our enemy), so the Ministry has asked me to do the same for you. Despite my uncle's failed advice, I have since had great success in the art of temptation and have brought home many humans to dwell with us forever, so it is altogether unsurprising that I was one of the first senior devils asked to participate in this program. Indeed, you should count yourself very fortunate to be receiving this letter, so do pay attention.

I have read some of your reports regarding your patient, and I believe there is much fruit to yet be had from him. You say that you believe the battle for his soul is already lost and that he is too far gone to the enemy. Let me assure you that this is never the case. He is your patient for the entirety of his life, and you must make good use of the time you have. Even the most devout followers of the enemy are always within our reach until their last breath, so do not give up hope just yet. I believe there is much potential for eternal damage through your patient, and though his soul may indeed already be lost to the enemy (although I doubt this is so), never underestimate the damage that he can cause to others around him through our simplest manipulations.

The first, and I believe most easiest, area of attack is his pride. You write that, "He believes he is living in a way that is an example to others", and you say that "he views himself as someone worth following." Good. Anyone who views themselves in such high of a light is an easy target. Humans are rarely fully aware of how similar they are to Our Father. They believe that their distance from the first interaction of their kind with Our Father is equitable to their distance from Him today. This could not be further from the truth, yet it is often our responsibility to remind them of such. Such words as "depravity" and "sinful" have been commonly used as connotations for people whom our enemy cannot associate himself with, and our patients are not keen to use ascribe these words to themselves. However, those words could not be more accurate to describe their true character. As far as our enemy's claims that he can "redeem" such people, it is complete hogwash. I for one do not comprehend what he could possibly mean by redeem, and furthermore, I quite like the humans as the depraved sinners that they really are. Do your best to make your patient painfully aware of his "depravity" and convince him that "redemption" is a farce. You will quickly see that if those two things can be accomplished, your patient will cease to reach out to our enemy for fear of rejection. 

In regards to your patient thinking that he is an example to others, there is a simple trick that I have learned from other colleagues here at the Offices of Temptation and Distraction that I think you could find quite helpful. What you must do is convince him that being a leader and putting on the facade of being a leader are one in the same. Deep down, he is probably aware that he is not all that others think him to be. You must exploit that thought. Bring to mind all the times he has not lived up to who he thinks he is supposed to be, and wrap those thoughts in shame and insecurity. He will want to bury these thoughts deep in the recesses of his mind, and you are welcome to let him if you'd like. It can often be good fun to see how quickly the thoughts we plant are able to resurface. The humans can be comical in their attempts to guard their hearts and minds. Despite our enemy's warning that they must be vigilant in such guarding, they seem to have no idea of how to go about doing so. What poor and unprepared creatures these humans are.

Now, creating the thoughts of insecurity and self-doubt may take time, but it will not be long before your patient is fully aware that he is not the example worth following that others think he is. You will know you are winning when you notice him consistently putting on a face every time he walks out the door. Soon he will start overstating his propriety and understating his faults, and it is that sort of distortion of self that we are looking for. As he continues to lie to the people around him, and to himself as well, about who he is in relation to our enemy, you will begin to win back pieces of his soul. 

Continue to write to me with further updates. I am a busy and important executive as you know, but I will fulfill my duty in assisting you in any way I can.

Your involuntary mentor,