I Like Like You

She's beautiful. There's no getting around it.

Regardless of how this ends, she'll always be beautiful, which is pretty unfair if you ask me. No matter what happens, she'll leave here a babe. 

Me? I'll either be the guy who's dating the babe or one more member of the fraternity of failed suitors. This girl breaks hearts without breaking a sweat. She's pretty, but she's cruel. Just by looking at her it's clear that she's done this before. She doesn't even look nervous...

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What a deck of cards can teach us about diversity and dealing with each other's differences...

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100% Turkey

I was in the grocery store the other day buying groceries because that’s what I’m told adults do. Apparently, as you “mature” you stop eating out and you start cooking from home. I don’t know. That’s just what I’ve been told...

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It took him a full hour to force himself to sit down and make a list of everything he needed to accomplish by the end of the day. A to-do list for today, if you will. Surely, he thought, there is a lot to be done. Yet, as he sat in the chair, nothing came to mind. The pen remained motionless on the table and the page in front of him remained blank...

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A Tale Of Two Goats

A long time ago there were two goats named Billy and Bobby. They were born on the same day, so naturally they were best friends. Together they lived in a large goat community where they spent most days contemplating ways of escape. The pen they lived in was boring, and they wanted to be free-roaming goats. Then one day, Billy's older brother Spot gave them an idea for just how they might finally be free...

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A Man With A Knife

There once was a man who desired to live with God. Not far from where he lived there was a mountain, and many said the top of this mountain was the paradise where God lived.

So the man decided he was going to climb to the top of the mountain and finally achieve his goal of being with God. He started climbing early in the morning, and as the day went on he worked and worked and climbed and climbed, until finally he was near the top...

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Scabs And Scars

When he was younger, his mother would always tell him, in that way that all mothers chide their sons, “Don’t pick your scabs because picked scabs become permanent scars.” For some reason, that adage always stuck with him despite the fact that his mother was constantly instructing him with many other of her own phrases. He is 19 now, and the significance of his mother’s words could not possibly be clearer...

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