Week 29

Day 190

Exercise: Swim

Time: 1 hour

Distance: 1.8 miles

Garmin is bae. I don't know what I was thinking to even be upset with her for one second. She was so fun to swim with today. The good news is that I will now know the distance I am swimming when I get in the pool (which has been a complete mystery up to this point). The bad news is that I will now know the distance I am swimming...I want to swim 2 miles in an hour, but I fell substantially short of that today. I usually just cruise through my swim days for an hour or so without worrying about my distances, but Garmin is going to push me from here on out...Thanks bae.

Day 191

Exercise: Run

Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Distance: 6 miles

I can't put words to how frustrating those extra 4 minutes were today. Granted, it was a very hilly run (500ft elevation change for everyone keeping score at home), so that slowed me down, but I still should've finished in under an hour. My new relationship with Garmin is going to be very much love-hate. I love/hate her for keeping me accountable to my times and distances, and I love/hate her for the excessive information I have upon completing different exercises. Either way, we're sleeping together pretty consistently, so you could say things are getting serious. I'm probably going to ask her to move in with me here in the next few days...(don't tell her yet)

Day 192-195

OFF - resting for a race

Day 196

Exercise: Swim/Bike/Run

Time: 29 minutes/1 hour 33 minutes/1 hour 16 minutes

Distance: 1 mile/25.2 miles/6.2 miles

I ran an Olympic triathlon in TX with some good friends of mine and we had an absolute blast. I've been doing all of this training on my own, so it was immensely encouraging for me to run a race with other people. All of the pre-race nerves and post-race excitement was increased by being with a group, and it made for a much more enjoyable weekend. It's fun to be able to finish a race and then immediately have a group of people to talk and trade stories with. 

I was excited to meet all of my goals for time, but my personal achievements took a back seat to the fellowship I enjoyed with friends. When I look back on this weekend, I won't remember any of my times, but I will remember all of the camaraderie and shared joy. Racing is better when done together...And life is the same way.