Week 24-26

Day 155 - 168


I earned these two weeks.

Day 169


I'm going to take this first week easy, so I figured I'd go ahead and start the week off REALLY easy...

Day 170

Exercise: Swim

Time: 1 hour

Distance: pool

I went to the chiropractor today and he told me I'm going to have to keep coming in to get treatment on my back, but everything felt great in the pool today. At first, I dreaded jumping in the water though, which isn't necessarily a new sensation. Usually, when I put my feet on the edge of the pool, a part of me tries to keep my body from jumping in.

"The water is cold," my brain says. "Don't jump. You have so much to live for," it says. I can normally quiet those thoughts by getting in fast, but today I paused. I really didn't want to get back in the water. There may be a part of me that really doesn't want to get back into training, so I had to make a decision by the pool today. 

I jumped in. And it was cold, but I got used to it. My body was tight, but it loosened up. It was hard at first, but I found my rhythm again. We're gonna be alright.

Day 171

Exercise: Bike

Time: 1 hour

Distance: 15 miles

My back was sore from the chiropractor yesterday, so that didn't make today's ride any easier. The good thing is I didn't expect it to be easy, so I wasn't surprised when I moved a little slower getting off the bike. It still felt weird to be sore after such a brief bike ride though. I wouldn't say I've lost all the exercise I've put in over the past few months, but taking two weeks off has definitely slowed me down. I'm going to have to work to get back to where I was.

Day 172

Exercise: Swim

Time: 1 hour

Distance: laps

I really want a Garmin watch. That's all I thought about in the pool today.

Day 173


Day 174


Day 175

Exercise: Run

Time: 30 minutes

Distance: 3.5 miles

I'm traveling this weekend, so it's been difficult to find times to exercise, but I managed a short run this morning. It felt great. I expected my back to be in a lot of pain, which it was at first, but after stretching I felt phenomenal. I love running outside when the weather is beautiful. It's good to be back out there. This may sound weird, but I've missed this.