Week 9

Day 51

Exercise: Bike/Run

Time: 1 hour/30 minutes

Distance: 14 miles/3 miles

I decided to run hills today, which seemed like an ambitious idea at the time, and to be honest it still seems ambitious looking back on it. That being said, I'm not sure if I'll be ambitious like that again. Running is fun when the ground flat. Running hurts when the ground is not flat. Lesson learned.

Day 52

Exercise: Swim

Time: 40 minutes

Distance: Multiple lengths of the pool

There were small children getting swimming lessons in the lane next to me, and it really stressed me out because the girl in charge was not paying attention at all. Several times, I thought I was going to need to go over there and save a kid from drowning. Not to mention the fact that these kids were so small I wasn't even sure if they were old enough to walk yet.

Anyway, I don't think anyone drowned (I left before they were done though, so who knows), but note to self: I'm going to teach my kids to swim on my own.

Day 53



Day 54

Exercise: Swim

Time: 40 minutes

Distance: more than 10 laps but less than 100

I had the entire pool to myself today and it was glorious. So peaceful. So relaxing. I wish every exercise was like the one today. There weren't even any naked old men in the locker room, so what more could I ask for?

Day 55

Exercise: Bike/Run

Time: 1 hour/30 minutes

Distance: 14 miles/3 miles

I said I wasn't going to be ambitious again, but I did hills for the second time today. I watched some Ironman highlight videos earlier, which made me really want to go work out (a rare feeling I might add). However, while the videos got me hype for the workout, hills are still terrible terrible things.

Day 56

Exercise: Run

Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Distance: 8 miles

The ground was mostly flat, and I was mostly happy today. It also helps that the weather is still great, so morale is at an all time high. TBD on how long that lasts.

Day 57

Exercise: Bike

Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Distance: 30 miles

I knew it was a bad sign when I was so sore that it hurt to pick up my leg to get on the bike. After a few hundred feet, my body started hurting. Thankfully, I began to get comfortable after a little while and the second half of my ride was great.  

Also, there weren't that many people out biking on the trail today, and the ones who were out were slow. I have to be honest, it feels awesome to blow past someone on a bike. I rarely feel super confident when I'm doing all this training, but the brief moment when I speed up to pass another biker is definitely one of the best parts of these exercises. During that split second, I'm an excellent road biker, and I love it.