Week 7

Day 37


Day 38

Exercise: Bike/Run

Time: 1 hour 40 minutes/40 minutes

Distance: 22 miles/4 miles

I'm getting the hang of switching from biking to running. This whole Ironman thing is going to be so easy!

Day 39

Exercise: Swim

Time: 1 hour

Distance: idk

I almost drowned today. I was so tired today, and I don't know why. This whole Ironman thing is not going to be so easy. I repeat, not going to be easy.

Day 40


Day 41

Exercise: Run

Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Distance: 7 miles

Getting myself to go for a run is a lot easier when the weather is perfect, as it was today. Also, I was told yesterday that I may be overtraining, which is excellent news because that means I can slow down.

Day 42

Exercise: Swim/Bike/Run

Time: 8 minutes/1 hour/30 minutes

Distance: 500m/12 miles/3 miles

I did a sprint triathlon at the Y today, which wasn't too bad. This was the first time I've done all three parts on the same day, so it's a major boost for confidence that I didn't die. 

Day 43

Exercise: Bike

Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Distance: 30 miles

So I decided it's about time that I give the clip in shoes another try...ha. I'm so naive. Surprisingly, I managed to do pretty well during most of the ride because I only needed to unclip a few times. However, around mile 22 I pulled over to grab a sip of water and that's where it happened. I failed to get my left foot out fast enough and just ate it. At this point, I abandoned getting a drink and tried to get back on the bike as fast as I could...which led to my second mistake.

Unbeknownst to me, the chain came off after my first fall, so when I clipped in to pedal again I moved approximately 6 inches and fell again. I was forced to sit there and laugh at myself because there was no one there to do that for me. One of these days I'm going to be smooth and confident, but that day is not today. Instead, I left a little bit of skin off my leg and a lot of my pride out there today. Cheers.