Break To Build

As Christians, our life goal should be to grow as close to God as possible, right? To build ourselves up on the foundation of Christ in order to be closer with God. That’s the intent. And as hard as it may seem, the best way to find Christ is amidst brokenness. The funny thing is that brokenness is not something you have to seek out. You will find brokenness in your life. In fact, I would be shocked if anyone was reading this thinking, “Yeah, I think I’m good right now. There’s really no area of my life that’s broken for the moment.” See, everyone’s broken. We’re humans. We were born broken, and we can’t fix ourselves. Christ can though, and our goal should be to look deep into our brokenness and find Jesus.

It’s easy to praise God when things go right. “I got into the college I want, thank you God.” “My football team won, thanks God.” or even “My grandmother is out of the hospital, praise God.” Yes, praise God. God needs to be praised when things are good, but he needs to be praised even more so when things go wrong. Jesus’ home is in the dark valley, not the pleasant mountaintop. I think that a majority of our lives, or at least my life, is spent in the valley. There are more times in my life when things are going bad than when things are going good. Life isn’t always great, so why would God concentrate on the great areas of life? Well, he doesn’t. he sent his son, not to live an easy life, but to live in the valley.

Jesus was defined by brokenness.

Jesus called the broken- The disciples were some messed up guys. For example, Peter, after following Jesus throughout his whole ministry, denied Christ when things were tough. He was a broken man.

Jesus healed the broken- Countless miracles were performed on people who were physically, emotionally, and spiritually broken.

Jesus taught the broken- Ephesians 2:17 says, “And he came and preached peace to you who were far off…” People were wandering from the truth, but Christ reconciled them from their brokenness.

Jesus saved the broken- Hello! That’s you and me. I am an incredibly broken man, who apart from Christ would be worthless. Thankfully, Christ saw my brokenness and he saved me.

Jesus was broken- He was broken on the cross. What more could Jesus have done to show that he cared for the broken than being broken himself?

It is in Jesus’ brokenness that we see who he really is. He’s a savior. Someone who came down to Earth and was broken for the broken. Jesus didn’t endure the cross so that our lives would be magically transformed to something easier. He endured the cross so that when we are broken, we can look at him and see him being broken and say “That’s my king.” It is in our brokenness that we are closest to Christ. When we can no longer depend on ourselves, when we have nothing left to offer, we must allow ourselves to become fully dependent on God and his glory will shine like never before. We know God when we depend on God. Yes, Christ will use your victories for his glory, but he will use your defeats as well. It’s not hard to allow yourself to be broken for Christ because the truth is you already are. You just may not know it. The key is to allow Christ to consume you in your brokenness and build you up in his image. So be broken, and God will build you up.