I was skeptical that this book had anything positive to offer me. Turns out I significantly underestimated the power of God's Word. Here are 36 lessons.


1. Sometimes we have to fight to get to where God wants us to be

2. Identifying with God cannot be done secretly

3. God gives everyone a place and a purpose

4. God does not ask us to carry anything that is too heavy for us

5. The burden of guilt is heaviest when held in secret

6. The outcome of your life is determined by your decisions, not your intentions

7. God doesn't care how much of ourselves we have to offer him as long as we offer him everything we have

8. Take the time to learn from people who are older than you

9. The more we trust and obey God, the more clearly we will see his directions

10. God calls his people both to worship and to war

11. God is eager to hear from us, even (and perhaps especially) when we're at our worst

12. Humility and faithfulness are the virtues on which God will build his kingdom

13. It takes courage to stand up to one's enemies, but even more so to stand up to one's friends

14. When opposition is strong, faith needs to be stronger

15. The attitude behind our actions defines our character more than the actions themselves

16. Those who desire power the most deserve it the least

17. God loves to come through for us

18. God gives to those who are eager to give to others

19. God is life

20. Our actions affect more than just ourselves

21. We must look outside ourselves for healing

22. There is no one God can't use

23. God says what he'll do and he does what he says

24. Earthly rulers are pawns for our heavenly father

25. God rejoices with us when our actions show our hearts are his

26. God does not make empty promises

27. When we pray for little things, God can only answer in little ways. Pray big

28. Instead of praying for God to clarify his will, pray that you might trust him more

29. Obedience is a side effect of trust

30. Integrity is most important in the moment you realize you don't have as much of it as you thought you did

31. Sometimes being made clean involves passing through the fire

32. God's will for our lives does not include us settling for something less than what he has promised us

33. The same God that leads us to his victory leads us through our failure

34. God's blessing has no boundaries

35. Murder made us clean

36. Legalism is the result of an obedient heart that has forgotten the purpose of its obedience