24 lessons from the 24 chapters of the book of Joshua.


1. The words of the Bible are the food of the believers

2. Salvation ignores social status

3. God's voice is loudest in our stillness

4. Worship the creator, not the creation

5. God's provision is always present

6. One shout of faith is greater than a thousand whispers of doubt

7. Every sin costs somebody something

8. We don't take. God gives

9. It's better to pray before you act than to act like you've prayed

10. God's power is unlimited

11. When we give what we have, we get what we need

12. When God promises, God delivers

13. God gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want

14. You can't have faithfulness without patience

15. Bold faith shows itself in bold prayer

16. Partial obedience is disobedience

17. When what you have feels too little and what you face feels too big, remember who you're with

18. God's will is that we may know his will

19. God gives everyone exactly what they need

20. God is our refuge

21. Ministry happens locally

22. Everyone needs to be regularly reminded of their relationship with God

23. Remove distractions to renew devotion

24. Moving towards anything means moving away from something