34 lessons from the 34 chapters of Deuteronomy (number 25 is legitimately in the Bible. I did not make that up).


1. Recognizing sin is not the same thing as repenting from sin

2. Our failures cannot deter God's faithfulness

3. God gives us freedom from the eternal consequences of our sins, but not from the earthly consequences

4. God's word is complete and sufficient

5. God's ultimate desire is our hearts

6. Faith is marked by continual devotion

7. God uses people based on their potential, not their credentials

8. Humility and obedience are the results of a tested and true faith

9. Rebelling against God isn't necessarily actively fighting against him. It's simply not believing

10. Fear God, love God, serve God, obey God, walk with God. Nothing else

11. Those who know God's word have a responsibility to share it

12. Worship of God should be holy and reverent, yet equally full of joy

13. The best way to love God is to love others

14. The simplest way to get closer to God is to give something away

15. Instead of treating others the way you want to be treated, treat others the way God has treated you

16. In order to live for God, we must remember that Jesus died for us

17. Leaders must first be learners

18. Integrity begets character

19. Our trust is shown in our obedience

20. God's promise, presence, and power leave nothing left to be feared

21. Jesus was cursed so that we could be blessed

22. Wisdom and practicality go hand in hand

23. External behavior reveals inward priorities

24. Focus on the foundation of faith and the fruits will follow

25. Don't seize a man's private parts during a fight

26. Generosity is an acknowledgement of the Lord's faithfulness

27. God's word should always be visible

28. Followers of God should be both seen and heard

29. The next generation will live to see the affliction that is a result of the prior generation's disobedience

30. God's inward work shows in our outward behavior

31. Leaders must know when to let go

32. Truth is like a gentle rain. It is both life-giving and refreshing

33. As God is unique, so are his people

34. Life is found in faithfulness