I'll be honest, I had to read Leviticus twice before I was able to learn something from every chapter, but here's why: I was predisposed towards negativity. I didn't think Leviticus had anything to offer, and my skepticism kept me from seeing some great truth during my first reading. Thankfully, I was more receptive to God's word the second time, and what follows are the results of reading with renewed eyes and an eager heart.


1. The significance of ceremony is less important than the character behind it

2. Relying on God means relying on the people God places around you

3. Praying before meals is an easy way to invite God into the most basic form of fellowship

4. Jesus died for both our sinful actions and our sinful hearts

5. Repentant words must always be accompanied by a repentant heart

6. God is always ready to hear from us

7. Those who serve God need nothing apart from God

8. The bigger the stage the smaller the margin for error

9. The Glory of the Lord appeared in Jesus Christ

10. Don't get drunk and play with fire

11. Obedience should follow faith. If one is lacking, both are lacking

12. Everyone is born into sin

13. Peace is found in patience

14. Spiritual healing is a process not a moment

15. Purity of the heart leads to purity of the body

16. We don't need to get dressed up to present ourselves to God. He'd rather we come in our street clothes

17. Our blood keeps our bodies alive. Jesus's blood keeps our souls alive

18. Obedience does not save from sin and hell, but it does mark those who are saved

19. Our attitude defines our action

20. Every action has a consequence

21. Human leaders will always disappoint. Jesus is the only flawless human example

22. Truly knowing who God is and what he's done will lead to proper acts of worship

23. God is meant to be celebrated

24. Our sinful nature requires that God continually remind us of who he is

25. God has already give us everything we need - there's no need to wait for his provision. It came to us three days after the cross

26. Jesus was the condition that allowed God to love us unconditionally

27. God views every person as worthy of the sacrifice of his son