Here are 40 things I learned from the 40 chapters in Exodus


1. Everything is designed to ultimately be a blessing from God

2. Moses' mother is one of the most underrated characters in the Bible in terms of great faith and hope

3. God is who He says He is

4. God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called

5. God accepts our doubts, failures, and insecurities and in return gives us His confidence, victory, and steadfastness

6. There is nothing more reassuring than God's unchanging character

7. Your level of faith is shown in your level of obedience

8. We need God's help, not the other way around

9. God will be glorified either through your life or in spite of your life

10. God wants us, but He doesn't need us

11. God's wonders will continue to be multiplied

12. Jesus is our Passover lamb...which is great news for both us and our doorposts

13. Not having a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night makes me appreciate God's guidance during the instances when it is startlingly visible

14. The Egyptians didn't realize God fought for the Israelites until they were at the bottom of the Red Sea...Don't wait that long to recognize God

15. Don't forget God's victory so quickly

16. Take care to recognize God's daily provision in your life

17. Seeing is not believing

18. Everyone needs someone in their life to give them practical wisdom

19. If you can approach God without any sense of fear, then you don't fully understand His power

20. God's commandments are designed to bring us closer to Him

21. Don't hit pregnant women

22. God is the perfect dad

23. Don't boil a young goat in its mother's milk...Translation: Don't kill something with the very thing that gives it life (Ironically, the cross is an example of something that both kills and gives life)

24. The Earth is God's footstool. The glory we have seen is nothing compared to the glory that is to come

25. The church is responsible for providing light in a dark world

26. God looks more beautiful the closer you get to Him

27. There is only one way to get to God

28. Use your skill for a purpose greater than your own

29. Hear the word of God, do the work of God, walk in the way of God

30. Be careful what you wish for if you ask God to lay out a specific plan for your life...It may be better to simply live within His will and be grateful for the freedom that follows

31. God is an artist at heart

32. Neutrality cannot exist in the open confrontation of good and evil

33. God knows you by name

34. God is merciful, gracious, slow to anger, loving, and faithful

35. God desires our hearts above our tithes

36. God is responsible for anything that enables us to do good work for Him

37. The church is one of God's most valuable creations

38. You should spend more time focusing on reflecting God's image instead of looking in a mirror reflecting your own

39. We were not wired for anything, but rather we are being molded for something. We are not robots. We are works of art

40. Through grace, we are being made into perfect and complete dwelling places for God