Here are 50 lessons I learned from reading Genesis. There also happens to be 50 chapters in Genesis, and I would be lying if I said the number of lessons and number of chapters didn't coincide. Enjoy.

1. When God speaks, things happen. His words have power

2. God desires the best for us, so that we can give our best to Him

3. Equality with God is not something to be grasped, nor should we try

4. God expects our best, not our leftovers

5. Those who walk with God through life walk with Him through death

6. God feels emotions towards us

7. Get everyone on board the ark before the door closes

8. Trust God to take care of timing

9. Don't get drunk and lie down naked

10. God knows who His people are

11. Pride never proves to be successful

12. Follow God and no matter what happens you're doing the right thing

13. Don't walk the opposite way of those who are following God

14. Avoid debt

15. God's promises are certain. Those who believe in them receive from Him

16. Often times, when God asks questions it's not because he needs the answers but because we do

17. Finding your identity in God means finding your perfect identity

18. You never know who you're really talking to. No one is a mere mortal

19. When faced with evil, RUN, do not walk, to the nearest exit

20. You know you are growing in your faith when you stop relating to the faults of Biblical characters and start exhibiting their strengths

21. Nothing catches God off guard

22. God did not withhold His only son from us

23. Pay a fair price for anything you buy

24. The two things to look for in a spouse are a heart that follows God and a natural desire to serve others

25. God fulfills his promises on His schedule, not ours

26. Be the son to your father that you want your son to be to you, and vice versa

27. In pranks, as in life, it is important to know your limits

28. All Jacob expected of God was that He stay with him, give him bread, and give him clothes, yet God gives us SO MUCH MORE

29. Before you have sex with your wife on your wedding night, double check to make sure the woman in bed with you is the same woman you just married

30. The best relationships are built on complete honesty

31. Don't burn bridges

32. When God wants you, all He has to do is touch you

33. God will one day run to meet us and embrace us

34. Don't treat sex lightly

35. Accepting God's call is equally as important as hearing it

36. It's important to understand every part of the Bible in the appropriate context

37. The only way to escape the consequences of our sin is through Jesus

38. It's not good for one's reputation to keep asking for the whereabouts of a prostitute

39. When God is with you, your circumstances become a secondary concern

40. Give God credit...always

41. Faith is more important than age or experience. When God calls you, you're ready

42. There is no person or situation that can prevent or even hinder God's will

43. Being far removed from God can make you numb to the sound of His name

44. There is no greater love than self-sacrifice

45. The most disarming weapon against your enemies is forgiveness

46. God knows how you feel

47. Faithfulness yields fruit, sometimes you see the fruit and sometimes you don't

48. If you're the type of father that plans on blessing each of his children before he dies, learn from Isaac and Jacob and try to do so before you go blind

49. God's promises are eternal

50. Trust God in life. Trust God in death